One for the 52%

Bi Pride UK are a charity that creates spaces for anyone that falls between gay and straight. I worked as the volunteer designer at Bi Pride UK to develop their identity, build a website and online presence and provide visuals for their flagship event. The majority of LGB people are Bi, so where is the space for them?

The biggest bi gathering in history

In 2019 the Round Chapel in Hackney hosted the worlds biggest bi event. 1300 people came along to celebrate together with two live stages, cabaret, panels and bi flag slushies. I worked with the animation volunteer, Kael Onion Oakley, to create the first bi themed tube ads as well as posters across the London transport network to. promote the event.

A charity born online

Most queer people find their community online, so it only felt right to create an online identity that matched their IRL presence. I created a bespoke icon set and set out guidelines to build social posts for recruiting volunteers, promoting events and pushing engagement.

Wear your pride on your sleeve

After building the bi pride website I worked on the development of the online shop. Attached to the site and created using woocommerce I sourced the products, created the designs and worked with the wider team to build a user friendly site for the community that generate revenue for the charity. There is nothing worse than a logo slapped on a tee, so I designed a suite of products ranging from in your face out-and-proud to more-under-the radar bi people.