from tree to tub

Coconut Collaborative is a premium coconut yogurt brand, their identity and quality make them one of the most well known plant based yoghurts in the UK. I worked with them to create social media ads for new product releases as well as seasonal posts.

The big one

The newest release are large layered tubs, a whole new style of product for the brand, I worked with the marketing manager and photographer to create mood shots and teaser ads for the new products.

Lunch! and breakfast, and dinner…

Coconut Collaborative had a stand at lunch and needed some handouts and posters. I created the print for the event to promote their classic products.

Harry Thory is a graphic designer, moving image maker, and general legend (thanks mum).

He has three rules in life: put your pants on before your trousers, point out every dog you see, and do the goodest work for the goodest people. By following these rules, he has built a portfolio that includes print design, illustration, film, animation and online content.

Outside of the studio, you may find Harry expertly sourcing vegan croissants, semi successfully hitting a softball in a nearby park, or struggling up a slight incline on his bike.

If you’d rather enjoy some nature pics, follow him on Instagram. If you’re here for work and not play, join him on the worst social media website, or ruin his quest to inbox zero.

Harry currently lives in England with all the other people that live there.