Protect what matters most

Eppik is so much more than an online photo album. They offer museum grade scanning and documenting to create super high resolution images and keep them in you own secure personal digital space. No longer do you have to flip over the image to read a scrawl of a date or name, Eppik allows your whole family to add notes and dates to keep those memories accurate and in tact.

I created a video to show how it works.

Eppik approached me with a project to create a gift card pack for a collaboration with Alzheimer’s Research UK. We developed a foldout, booklet and gift card holder for the initiative.

Harry Thory is a graphic designer, moving image maker, and general legend (thanks mum).

He has three rules in life: put your pants on before your trousers, point out every dog you see, and do the goodest work for the goodest people. By following these rules, he has built a portfolio that includes print design, illustration, film, animation and online content.

Outside of the studio, you may find Harry expertly sourcing vegan croissants, semi successfully hitting a softball in a nearby park, or struggling up a slight incline on his bike.

If you’d rather enjoy some nature pics, follow him on Instagram. If you’re here for work and not play, join him on the worst social media website, or ruin his quest to inbox zero.

Harry currently lives in England with all the other people that live there.