What the f*ck is Unicorn?

There are no magazines with a bi focus. Bi people make up between 52-59% of the community and are usually reduced to a fluff article in a wider queer magazine about promiscuity. Unicorn prioritises bi stories, written through a bi lens. Unicorn was made to showcase reality, the fluid, flexible, ever changing landscape of the bi community. Unicorn zine is an ongoing Bi Pride UK project.

I am currently the lead designer at Unicorn. I work with a team of incredible designers, illustrators, content creators and writers to produce an issue quarterly.

A flexible identity

The identity was developed with fluidity in mind, the logo warps, distorts and never stays the same. Unicorn showcased the dirty, real stories and culture of bi people and we wanted an identity to reflect that. Myself and creative director Lev Alexander advised on the identity development by designer Kinda Savarino.

Your queer home online

I designed and developed the website which hosts each issue, feature articles and exclusive releases. I upload each issue and brief out creative to photographers, illustrators and designers.

Visually Queer

As well as briefing I also create artwork, moving image and social content for Unicorn. Bespoke header illustration for articles, taking on breifs from the content creation team and advising on the development of the cover.